Monday, October 22, 2007

Auto shop 101


Nick is working on earning his Automotive Merit Badge. He worked on wheel and tire changes.

He learned how to check the fluid levels and brake pads for leaks and wear.


It is a must to take the vehicle for a spin when the work is complete.

Don't forget your sunglasses and always wear your seatbelt:)


Idaho Penningtons said...

I notice Nick doesn't get to drive the car - What kind of treat is that!!!! Come on Darren share the wealth!

Nick"The-Yellow-Dart"Johnson said...

I dont have my licence yet anyways.

L Johnson said...

His father did tell him when he goes to take his driving part of his licence that he can drive it. I think that is generous considering how many years it took his dad to get the silly car:)

Shannon said...

As soon as nick get's his license i am sure he will be driving that car a ton!
Darren i love the Car, but i must say, i LOVE The garage! You are so dang talented! Seriously it's gorgeous.

Savannah said...

So Uncle Darren finally got his car!! I tagged you!(go to Shannons blog for details!

Watson Ink. said...

Hey! I'm tagging you!

Shannon said...

Laurel you will LOVE the twilight series! It's a Book about Vampires, the author is from BYU and her name is Stephenie Meyer, seriously, I KNOW you will love it, it is a huge craze out here and actually Everywhere now!!
Cassy you will LOVE THem too.

Diana & Derek said...

It looks like Darren is working on his automotive merit badge and Nick is assisting. I love how you all put the video clips on your site. I will have to figure out how to do that. Derek and all the boys probably know how to do it. Not me. How is Ben?

Arianna said...

Love the garage! And I have to say that I also am shocked that you would let your son drive it for his test...what a Dad Ü

Rory and Jess said...

that is quite the garage!


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