Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's Spring Break for many and the beach is bustling

The Richardson Family comes to visit during their spring break. We were able to spend a few hours every afternoon on the beach.Kites on Folly beach, a retired gentleman was flying this 15 kite stack while we were enjoyng a sunny warm day near the pier!
Savannah and Zachary loved going in the water even though it was only 60 degrees. We are wimpy now and wait until it reaches at least 70.
Zachary promised he would not get his shorts wet. Can you guess what the out come was?
It would not be a day at the beach without a little game of catch!
We had a blast with the Richardsons while they were here.
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Shannon said...

AWwww That looks so fun! I would love to just hang out on the Beach and Throw Frisbee's or just fly kites! Lucky!!!

Liz said...

Does it get 70? Sounds nice. I was telling Joe the other day how much I miss the beach. The sounds, the smell and the feel of sand beneath your feet. AHHHHH.

Darren Johnson said...

Liz, Yeah it stays around 80 - 85 in June, July, and Aug but in Jan it can get in the low 50's. Its just now starting to bump up. Its close to 65 - 70 right now.

Joe said...

We need to make a trip soon! Looks like a great beach.


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