Wednesday, November 16, 2005

New Home in Summerville ( Glen Livet Ct.)

Wow what a beautiful day here in Summerville today. Nick and I woke up to a balmy 70 degrees at 5:30 this Morning. It has been lovely all day! Darren and I had the fun chore of going to the DMV to take care of the cars and licences. The people surprised us by being very pleasant and relatively fast. It is very expensive as they have a yearly assesment tax on your vehicles.

About the House. The window you see in front is Nick's room. The garage is a one car, my car is inside. Darren is so nice to let me have it! The picture on the right is the back yard. the sliding glass door leads into the kitchen dining area. The other window is our bedroom.

We are very sorry to hear about all the Tornados that swept the country over the past few day's We hope everyone is safe! Posted by Picasa

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