Monday, March 13, 2006

Isle of Palms in March

It was so nice and warm we headed to the beach Monday afternoon. Darren was able to get a bit of surfing in before the sun set. It was a bit windy and I did not bring a sweat shirt along so I wrapped up in a towel and took a few pictures from my spot on the beach. There were locals out jogging and a few surfers. As we were leaving there were two kite surfers getting a few min of practice before the sun set. I am sorry about the picture quality I left my digital camera home these are the old fashioned film to disc pic's. I kept looking at the back of the camera to see if they were turning out O.K.. It was good for me to have to think before took the shot. I hope it warms up a bit for all you westerners! Posted by Picasa

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