Sunday, October 28, 2001

May-October 2001

Project Swimming Pool this summer!

Nick receiving awards at Pack mtg

Cruise No Kids with the Richardson's on Princess!
The Grand Princess~Western Caribbean
At sea
First time to Grand Cayman the water is fantastically clear!


4th of July in Cali 

 Eating yummy food at pier 39 with Papa Joe and Grandma Marlene
The start of the backyard renovation.

Looks like a hole for a pool!
Weekend trip to Seattle.


On Sept 11th something happened that will change our lives here in America forever. Luckily no one in our Family was injured or killed on that horrible day. We were however heartbroken and distraught over what took place in New York and Washington/Maryland that morning.
The Day we have been looking forward to let the pool be filled with the water!

Putting in the final landscape touches.

 Can we swim yet?

Still a few things to get finished and then we can have a pool party!
Horse shoes are a favorite with these fun people.

Derek Pennington's Birthday and Baptism, Moscow ID

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