Sunday, January 30, 2000

The Year 2000 Or Two Thousand

It is quite something to live when there is a turn of centuries!
(In all honesty I was scrapbooking back then and gave up a few years later. I am 14 years forward and in the digital everything age so here are my thoughts to go with my then pictures.)

Nick's Room
Back Yard and Garden/Green House

 We purchased our first real home on Oxyoke Rd. In Grants Pass Or.
Located in what some call Hugo.
It's an older home in good shape but has lots of potential projects.
Front yard

Boston playing the drums with Uncle Darren

After surfing in the Pacific Ocean off the Coast of Crescent City Ca.
Cub Scout Day Camp July 2000 G.P. Oregon

Terry & Madge are married in the Jordan River temple

Wheeler~Martineau Reunion  Tahoe, NV

Talent show we have some talented cuties!

Can't miss the Josephine County fair. Nick and Brian Laughman having too much fun on the scary carnival rides.

Nick celebrated his 10th Birthday this year!

Christmas 2000
Some of these are pictures that were sent in cards.

James eagle scout 
Pennington Family
Grandma & Grandpa Bagley

Darla, Megan & Sarah 
Joe & Liz

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